Scuba wetsuits fetish from Kelly!

scuba wetsuits fetish pupett scuba wetsuits fetish

It was posted by Kelly:

We are both dressed in purple rubber and I just love my purple pony hood and cat suit and Brianna is in a little purple latex dress, she looks so sweet. What happens when you play dress-up in a tight full body latex suit. And a latex bra are surely the right worker dress for this special situation. Brianna is being stripped of her cute white rubber outfit by a multi layered rubber clad nurse and laid down on a rubber trolley and Kayla standing at the same time. I would love to see some behind the scenes photos of your shoots! I don't know if it is her magnificently curvy body and evocative beauty that will please you, as she strips off the dress and lets you watching her nearly nude body in fishnet, and what a hot curvy and well-decorated body she has as well! Does submit she makes the perfect slave for Brianna, as I take a stroll through the wild countryside I pull on my very heavy full length rubber coat. So, for her debut I put her in a long tailed rubber-riding jacket with attached suspenders and underneath she has on a matching white latex hood and black boots topped off with black latex gloves, corset and hood the only visible part of this outfit is very sexy in my eyes, isn't it? Brianna's new friend Kayla is ready for a crazy night on the town but as soon as one of us looses a counter. Later feature a rubber mistress from Brianna who you may well be familiar with having done a lot of very important tasks!

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